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as a rep for Close to My Heart, a premier crafting and scrapbooking

company located here in the good ole USA.

Favorite product: I love all the papers.

OK? ALL of them.


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Client Love

I've always looked to a creative, reliable source for inspiration and guidance to make that inspiration into a finished product. Anna has always been the solution for that search for me, since the evening I met her. Her workshops were so organized, and the ladies I met offered their own style and inspiration. But Anna and I really clicked.

I was immediately drawn to Anna and her style. I think Anna was drawn to me, too. She mentioned one day that I'd make a great consultant! As time went on, and my schedule became too uncertain to commit to workshops, we started spending more one on one time together. I learned even more about the products and the brand, and became more and more interested in consultant "status". At the rate I was buying, and the excitement I had in all the products, I realized I was ready to make the commitment. With Anna as my upline, I knew I couldn't go wrong so I joined the team.

And in my little world, Anna IS Close To My Heart.

JulieAnna O’Mally


"I love her style. So creative."

- Janet

"As a customer, she always is willing to help out with questions and suggestions. I really appreciate her."

- Joanie


The PaperTrail Blog

Fresh Air Life is Beautiful

By annieart | June 13, 2018

I absolutely love the wood pattern paper in this favorite collection: Fresh Air. The awesome die frames the sentiment perfectly: “Life is a Beautiful 100% real thing”! WOW! Gorgeous font. And who doesn’t like a great outdoor experience? Send a card with this personal message! So comforting.

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Fresh Air Thank You Card

By annieart | June 12, 2018

How would you like to receive a card in the mail thanking you for your kindness? Fantastic sentiment for sure. Close to My Heart created this perfect paper collection, Fresh Air, to support this beautiful sentiment. I encourage you to craft a card and mail it this week! And as long as I have this…

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